Helsinki Winter Olympics 2030

My concept is based on the scenario that Helsinki would get the winter games in 2030. The rationale here was to imagine a new way to promote Finland, The Finnish way of Design and also the Design Heritage. Based on the dream of having a Finnish vehicle design company, these vehicles would be produced in Finland with Finnish materials and know-how. The traditional Finnish design is heavily influenced by the demands/possibilities/appreciation of chosen material and by the needed functionality. That's why it's common to leave the material "raw" instead of trying to hide it with pain etc.

After doing some research about the way the athletes operate during the games, I realised they're not really getting a real idea about the surroundings they're in. During the games they're so focused on the task in hand, that the days are spent travelling between the venues and accommodation. After the games it's typical to head of as soon as possible. So why not offer the athletes a way of seeing the a bit of Finland while recharging after their performance.

The vehicles would offer the athletes, staff and audience a possibility for a guided tour around some particular areas. While in the vehicle they would have the option to choose what information to gain via an intelligent gps/info system. The interior would be calm and revitalising, while reflecting the Finnish ambient.

After the games the vehicle would modify into a micro rental system, having a strong influence on the common day to day commuter.

I've designed the supporting transportation system around the Helsinki and Tahko venues, based on the present future possibilities. Next step is to design the actual promotion vehicle.

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