2009 Intership project - Opel/Advanced_Rüsselsheim

During the summer I got to do my interndhip at Opel’s advanced studio in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Very cool experience and really nice people.

After a few weeks of normal design tasks I was very lucky to be given compleatly free hands and work on my own project. I decided to do something I back then felt like a part of my degree project – zero emission vehicle powered by an compressed air engine.

In a nut shell - AlterEco is a four seater emission free vehicle. It’s fuelled by compressed air, which is stores in it’s body structure and compresses while parked. The main design idea is to imply the powering method through the organic structure growing from the front compressor, which devides the ”fuel” equally through the vehicle and at the same time creates the needed support frame for the vehicle.

(Project duration 8 weeks)

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