Bentley Aero-Ace project – Round I

The brief was to design a Bentley Continental GT for the mid-century taste. On this project, we also collaborated with EXA, a company specialising on virtual air tunnel testing. Their job was to help us enhance the aerodynamics of our vehicles and by doing so, help us create more efficient models.

The nameTEN11 originates from the logo’s history. The Bentley logo wings have ten feathers on the left side and eleven on the right side…I thought this little detail expresses well what Bentley is mostly about – Extreme details.

TEN11 runs on four electric hub motors located in each wheels. By having a conventional Bentley proportions (long bonnet …), I’ve managed to create a big luggage space in the front of the vehicle, even though the over all dimensions are quiet a lot smaller then the current GT.

The final dead-line for this project is in the beginning of February, so I will be adding the new, more refined version then…

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